New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – January 4, 2024) – AgentsPro, a digital marketing company, announces the launch of its social media agency, 100% operated by AI agents. Using its proprietary LLM Agents technology, AgentsPro offers businesses a hands-free social media management experience.

AgentsPro unveils its AI-operated social media agency, a game-changer in digital marketing strategies, focusing on transforming Instagram engagement. (Photo from AgentsPro)

Simply connecting their product catalog and providing a brief to AgentsPro’s Team Lead AI Agent, clients can activate a bespoke Instagram management team tailored to their business needs for optimal brand visibility and sales conversion growth.

The agency’s formal launch on December 3 marks a significant milestone in digital marketing. The platform automates all social media tasks, such as market monitoring, content planning and generation, scheduling, posting, and performance analytics. This approach addresses the growing need for effective and efficient digital marketing strategies.

“AgentsPro’s AI agency represents a major leap forward in digital marketing. Our technology simplifies complex social media tasks, allowing businesses to elevate their online presence,” stated Denise Wei, CTO of AgentsPro.

Targeting primarily businesses in the US and Europe, AgentsPro’s entry into the market offers a solution beyond geographical boundaries, providing versatile digital marketing services globally. This approach reflects the company’s commitment to addressing diverse market business needs.

AgentsPro targets small business owners lacking marketing or Instagram management expertise, providing a solution that simplifies and streamlines their social media activities. Additionally, the platform will help tech entrepreneurs who are early adopters of AI-generated content (AIGC) applications, offering them advanced tools to expand their business through social media.

Furthermore, the agency serves international e-commerce sellers from developing countries like Mexico, India, and China, aiming to penetrate established markets such as the US and Europe. AgentsPro’s technology helps overcome language and cultural barriers, enabling these sellers to promote their products on platforms like Instagram.

“Our technology is designed to automate and enhance social media strategies, giving our clients a competitive edge in the digital realm,” Wei continued.

As many businesses plan to increase their social media budget, AgentsPro provides a timely and efficient solution. Its AI-operated agency is particularly beneficial for content-driven platforms like Instagram, where dynamic and engaging content is vital to success.

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About AgentsPro:

AgentsPro is a digital marketing company specializing in revolutionizing the social media industry by providing full-lifecycle social media management solutions 100% operated by AI agents. Its proprietary LLM Agents technology streamlines online marketing efforts, establishing new industry benchmarks.

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