Anti-Israel influencer Shaun King said he was booted from Instagram on Monday, with the reason for his removal from the platform remaining unclear.

King said in a video shared by the Wissamgaza account that he was “safe” and claimed that it is “clear” that Meta, Facebook, and Instagram “have decided to stand in the way of those of us that are fighting for the human rights and dignity of Palestinians.” It is unclear why King’s safety would be compromised by the loss of his Instagram account.

King additionally accused Israel of genocide in the video.

While both Instagram and Facebook are owned by Meta, King’s Facebook account remained active as of Monday morning.

Hamas supporters take part in a protest in support of the people of Gaza in Hebron, West Bank, December 1, 2023 (credit: WISAM HASHLAMOUN/FLASH90)

King’s history of anti-Zionism

King has largely dedicated his social media accounts to attacking Israel, especially since the war between Israel and Hamas erupted on October 7. Amid hundreds of tweets and retweets about the situation in Gaza, King has shared little to no content about the murder of Israeli civilians and has shared propaganda videos published by Hamas claiming that the hostages kidnapped by Hamas were treated kindly and well.

The influencer hasn’t shared the testimonies of hostages discussing the abuse and harsh conditions they were placed in but has shared content denying and belittling the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7.


In one incident in late November, King shared a video of a shooting attack carried out by Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians in Jerusalem with a caption claiming that the video instead showed Israelis shooting Palestinians in the West Bank. The post was still on his X account as of Monday, nearly a month later, and he never posted any correction about the false report.

King has come under fire in the past for his focus on anti-Israel content, although he has insisted that he is not antisemitic and that “some of [his] best friends are Jews.”