Alt Instagram profiles meet Twitter Circles.

In Dec. 2023, Tech Crunch first reported on Instagram testing out a new feature called “Flipside.” This new tool would allow users to create a private side to their Instagram pages where they could post more personal pictures and videos with a select group of followers/friends.

If this “Flipside” feature sounds like a finsta, or like the long-gone X feature known as Twitter Circles, that’s because it is exactly what this is! On your Instagram Flipside, you’d be allowed to share more candid posts with friends without having to switch between accounts.

As noted by social media wiz Matt Navarra on Threads, the concept behind Flipside “essentially productizes ‘finstas’” for existing Instagram users without them having to create separate accounts.

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Last year, users had already started to notice that Instagram was working on a feature called “Your Space.” But as early as Dec. 5, 2023, X user @alex193a spotted a renaming strategy and shared the following post:

“Instagram keeps working on ‘Your space,’ now renamed to ‘Flipside.’”

Certain users are wondering why Instagram would launch a “flipside” feature when the social network already has a “close friends” feature. To clarify, “close friends” are used exclusively for Instagram Stories, but you can’t share grid posts with that list of “close friends.” That is what the “Flipside” feature would allow you to do.

Needless to say, the gays are going to have a field day whenever Flipside is launched. Gird your loins, folx!