Donna D’Errico is once again scolding Instagram users for reporting her steamy photos and videos — prompting the social media app to remove the content.

“It’s not nice to go on peoples accounts reporting perfectly fine photos and videos to cause their account to get flagged and posts to get removed,” the “Baywatch” alum, 55, wrote on Instagram Monday.

D’Errico called out her haters for trying to lift themselves up by putting others down.

Donna D’Errico blasted haters for reporting her Instagram posts.

“Feeling bad about yourself doesn’t make it okay to try to bring down someone else to make you feel better about yourself,” she continued.

The former Playboy model penned the message alongside a behind-the-scenes video from a photo shoot in which she modeled her curves in a black dress featuring large cutouts on her hips and legs. She also wore pink stiletto pumps to add a pop of color to the revealing look.

“I’m putting this right back up,” she said of the video, adding that there was “nothing wrong” with it.

Donna D'Errico modeling on Instagram.

“It’s not nice to go on peoples accounts reporting perfectly fine photos and videos to cause their account to get flagged and posts to get removed,” she wrote.

“Some people hate seeing others shine,” she added. “Sending out positive vibes to you all even the ones who did that.”

D’Errico also re-shared a photo of herself in a laundry room wearing a tiny rust-colored bikini that had also been deleted from her grid.

“Reposting this one too !!” she said of the swimwear snap. “The original caption was ‘Sweeping in style – bikini edition’ There’s nothing wrong with this photo !! Sending peaceful beautiful vibes to everyone.”

Donna D'Errico modeling a bikini on Instagram.

The “Baywatch” alum also re-shared a bikini photo that had been deleted from her profile. donnaderrico/Instagram

Several of the actress’ fans flocked to the comments section of her Instagram to validate her feelings.

“Shame on them. nothing wrong with this post at all. you’re stunning, beautiful, classy all wrapped up in one. hope you had a blessed day,” one person wrote.

“There’s nothing wrong with this video, Donna. You keep posting because you are truly a beautiful woman,” a second supporter commented.

Donna D'Errico modeling in a swimsuit.

D’Errico said there was “nothing wrong” with her posts. Instagram/ Donna D’Errico

“Keep being YOU !! That’s your power . If anyone throws negative energy your way , that is their problem … you’re awesome , keep going !” a third commenter wrote.

“They are just haters. Just continue being you,” another advised.

“People nowadays are just sensitive about everything,” one more agreed.

Donna D'Errico in a selfie.

The former Playboy model has blasted her haters in the past for reporting her content. donnaderrico/Instagram

D’Errico last called out her haters in October 2023 after Instagram took down photos of the model wearing lingerie while straddling a pumpkin — reportedly due to a high volume of reported posts.

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“Hater women: Feel better about yourselves. Build up other women. In doing so, you can shine, too. Failing that, I guess you can simply kiss my ass,” she wrote at the time.

The OnlyFans creator further claimed a “group of women haters” were “routinely” reporting her posts to “feel better about themselves.”

Donna D'Errico in a baseball hat.

D’Errico said a group of women were “bullying her” by reporting her posts.

She called out the users for “bullying” her, adding, “Donna doesn’t get bullied.”

Meanwhile, D’Errico has no qualms about her user experience on OnlyFans.

While celebrating her one-year anniversary on the adult-content-sharing platform last July, she wrote on Instagram, “No haters, no trolls, no drama – just pure freedom to be myself. No ragrets, baby!”

Donna D'Errico modeling in a swimsuit.

The OnlyFans creator has previously gushed about her experience on the subscription site. donnaderrico/Instagram

D’Errico also hit back at critics who have judged her decision to undergo plastic surgery following a 40-pound weight loss.

Last May, the star said she had put on a ton of weight after becoming depressed over the death of her mother but ultimately got her “ass to the gym.”

“The weight loss left some loose skin I didn’t like so I went in and got that buttoned up and have no shame in admitting that. It made me feel better and more confident,” she said.