NEW CASTLE, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2023 / — GetLikes, a newly launched social media agency, aims to provide solutions for online growth for partners through customized solutions focused on long-term expansion. While most agencies prioritize vanity metrics, GetLikes focuses on securing clients’ lasting growth in their niche.

“We saw brands struggling to stand out with short-lived follower spikes and low engagement,” said the CEO of GetLikes. “With expertise in optimizing reach, GetLikes provides guidance for dominating in the social sphere.”

As managers of top influencers’ accounts and digital campaigns, the GetLikes team identified an underserved market interested in agency-level service. Small businesses often lack the budget for mass social advertising to go viral. Yet they have devoted customer bases ideal for niche community building.

That’s why GetLikes offers guidance for organic growth across major and emerging platforms. Services cater to partners’ identities, audiences, and goals on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

“Our agency succeeds by prioritizing partnerships,” Creative Director Daniel Lewis said. “Managers collaborate with clients to build engaged communities.”

Central to the agency’s approach is an emphasis on meaningful metrics reflecting user dedication. GetLikes account managers analyze backend data like loyalty and retention. This informs positioning among endless algorithm changes.

“Lots of followers drift away if interests quickly shift elsewhere?” Smith asked. “We focus on fostering genuine user connections to establish partners as leaders.”

GetLikes managers provide education on trends and tips to refine branding and engagement. Clients gain accountability through custom analytics and regular check-ins to coordinate opportunities. As a social media agency in US, GetLikes has expertise in major platforms.

While tailored content is key, bespoke plans include hashtag research to community giveaways. Managers stay updated on viral trends and platform developments so clients lead social feeds. Guidance on aesthetics, captions, and interaction results in engaging posts.

For video, specialists understand formulas customized per platform. TikTok clips entertain through shareable moments as YouTube content builds search rank and watch time. Managers collaborate with content creators for influencer promotions to visuals.

The approach helps clients unlock their fullest potential faster. GetLikes promotes genuine user connections through ethical practices.

Managers amplify content beyond owned channels through partnerships, guest contributions, and sponsorships. They identify trends, shifts, and updates to deploy first. Yet they target content based on users’ evolving interests. As a social media agency with expertise in visually-led platforms like Instagram and TikTok, GetLikes helps clients thrive in overlooked niches.

Managers also equip clients to lead on emerging platforms, identifying opportunities to define their category early on. GetLikes partners gain an edge to lead newer digital spheres gaining traction.

While guidance is key, GetLikes offers content creation through its network. Many blogs lack engaging visuals and videos that perform. Outsourcing to specialists helps social feeds shine despite limited bandwidth.

Everett McKinley
GetLikes Inc.
[email protected]