It’s been 20 years since social media really started kicking off and everyday things seemed to change. No one knew how influential social media would become.

Social media ads and content creation dominate the marketing strategies for businesses of all types and sizes. The economic outlook remains uncertain for the next year, but investments in marketing channels, both new and old, are expected to grow. Here are some key takeaways from a survey taken by a marketing company:

  • Choose high-return social media platforms. Social media posts are cost-effective, easy, and for the most part immediate. Your posts can go viral in seconds. Choosing the right platform to use, however, is essential for your business. Small business owners, for example, have a clear preference for Facebook. Other sites include Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok.
  • Invest in quality data for Direct Mail. This is still a productive marketing tool for small businesses. It provides personal and physical communication and is very effective in promoting your business throughout your local neighborhoods. There is less competition in the home mailboxes than in digital mailboxes. You must have a good mailing list – take the time to ensure your data is correct so you reach the right audience and avoid returned mail.
  • Utilize email marketing platforms. Email is still one of the top three modern marketing channels for your small business. It is cost-effective and relatively easy to use.
  • Make sure your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is aligned with industry best practices. AI is predicted to become even more intertwined with Google’s search engine.
  • Fund paid search initiatives. Google Ads is the biggest pay-per-click advertising platform on the internet.
  • Create quality content. Make this a priority to build your brand awareness and enhance your SEO.

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