I know that not everyone uses Instagram’s inbox Notes features, and there have been many questions asked as to why IG keeps pumping out Notes updates, when it seems like a minor element.

But there is a logic here: teen users have been engaging with Notes at very high rates, with teens around 10x more likely to create a Note in the app, versus other users.

And with IG losing ground as the cool app of choice among youngsters, that’s music to the ears of the Meta team, which is why it keeps experimenting with new Notes options, including even more new Notes tests uncovered this week.

As shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram’s currently testing profile Notes, which, as it sounds, would enable users to add Notes to your profile, which would then last for three days at a time.

Instagram profile Notes

As per the above example, the option would enable mutual follows to leave Notes on your profile, providing another means to communicate in the app.

An initial iteration of the project was actually spotted last month, when it was called “Wonder Wall” in early tests, leading to many Oasis-based puns (all bad).

Instagram wall

As you can see in this example, your profile Notes display would enable users to add a Note to your presence, which others would then be able to check out in the Notes section. Which could add another simple engagement prompt among friends, similar to inbox Notes, which as noted, have proven popular among younger users.

Instagram notes

Indeed, IG does seem to be trying out Notes everywhere it can, with other tests seeing Notes displayed on feed posts:

Instagram Notes in feed

And on Reels clips:

Instagram Reels Notes

Which has strangely annoyed a lot of users, based on discussion online. Some people seem bothered by the fact that IG is developing a feature that they personally don’t use, but again, the point here is that Notes are very popular with younger audiences, a group that Instagram really wants to hold onto, amid rising competition from TikTok and Snapchat.

If IG can keep them around by adding more Notes in more places, which will also then spark more engagement, you can bet they’re going to give it a shot. And while some, potentially all of these experiments may be short-lived, Instagram’s right to try and see what works, as a means to maximize engagement.

And they do add something. Notes are fun, engaging pointers that can spark in-app conversations, and clearly, they are resonating with some users.

So expect to see more Notes options in the app, and if you don’t like them, don’t use them. All good.