Instagram is reportedly testing a new custom sticker tool, allowing users to add the subject of a photo to an entirely new image.

Engadget reports that Instagram head Adam Mosseri demonstrated the app’s new sticker feature in a video shared to his broadcast channel. The tool will apparently allow Instagram users to select the subject of a photo, remove it from its background, then place it anywhere they would a regular sticker — that is, on posts to their story or reel.

This tool will reportedly be able to make custom stickers from photos users have saved on their phone, as well as any “eligible images [users] see on Instagram.” As Engadget notes, this suggests that you might be able to make stickers from other people’s content, though there will presumably be an option to opt out of allowing this.

Instagram’s new custom sticker feature sounds a lot like the sticker feature Apple introduced to iOS 16 last year, which already lets you add your custom stickers to Instagram posts. You can even make stickers from another person’s content through the power of screenshots.

However, the possible option to make stickers from other people’s images right on Instagram would at least make the process a bit more straightforward.