HOLLYWOOD (WKRC) – Instagram model Abigail Ratchford’s home was broken into while she was still inside.

According to TMZ, which broke the news exclusively, Ratchford’s home was invaded by three men while she was at home. Police told the outlet that she was hanging out at the property Saturday when her security alarm suddenly went off.

Per the outlet, three men entered the home after smashing through a large window from her backyard. Sources told TMZ that the would-be burglars decided to flee, however, after hearing the alarm.

Surveillance video obtained by TMZ showed the men entering the home, and photos obtained by the outlet showed the smashed window and glass scattered on the ground.

Sources close to Ratchford told TMZ that she had been upstairs enjoying a movie when the men broke in and noted that she was left distressed, saying the idea of running into the men by chance terrified her.

Per the outlet, break-ins in Los Angeles have become much more frequent. Ratchford is a longtime Instagram influencer with over nine million followers.