Ever since Instagram Reels started to gain popularity, users have consistently looked for ways to download them. It is the reason we have numerous websites, tools, and apps that let people download Reels easily. But moving forward, all users will be allowed to download Reels natively by the app. This new feature was first released in the United States in June and is now available globally. Here is everything you need to know.

How to Download Instagram Reels Natively?

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, has posted on his official broadcast channel that Reels posted from public accounts can now be downloaded by anyone. This is a feature that will be enabled by default for everyone but can be disabled as and when one needs it.

To download an Instagram Reel, all you need to do is to visit a publicly posted Reel and tap the Share icon. You will find the Download button in the share sheet alongside other options like Add to Story and Copy Link. All downloaded Reels will have an Instagram watermark, account username, and audio attribution. The approach is similar to how TikTok allows users to download and share TikToks with others.

How to Disable Instagram Reels Download Feature?

If you do not want others to download Reels from your account, one option is to make your account private. For those who want to keep using public accounts, Instagram lets them disable downloads on a per-reel basis or for all Reels shared by you.

The first option is while posting a new Reel, visit Advanced Settings and turn off the toggle to Allow people to download your Reels. This method will need to be repeated for each new Reel you will upload.

If you want to disable Reels download for your whole account, you will need to visit your account settings. Tap Settings and Privacy > Privacy > Reels and Remix and then turn off the toggle to Allow people to download your Reels.

This is how you can control whether others should be allowed to download Reels from your public account. Instagram keeps adding features to give more freedom to users about what to share and with whom. It has added a new Audience feature that lets you choose whether your Reel or post is shared with all of your followers or only Close Friends. This is an extension of the feature which was previously limited to Stories. It is the reason this feature will use the same Close Friends list that you created for Stories.