Are you up to date on changes from LinkedIn? Wondering which recent LinkedIn updates are important to marketers and business owners?

In this article, we explore LinkedIn changes that affect your marketing.

LinkedIn Updates: Ad Measurement, Newsletters, Premium Features, and More by Social Media Examiner
This article was co-created by Judi Fox, Jerry Potter, and Lisa D. Jenkins. For more about Judi, scroll to Other Notes From This Episode at the end of this article.

#1: LinkedIn Ads

New LinkedIn Measurement Suite

LinkedIn introduced new measurement features to help business-to-business (B2B) marketers overcome challenges related to attribution and privacy concerns. The measurement suite focuses on capturing user actions, analyzing performance, testing for improvements, verification, and gaining audience insights.

LinkedIn also has an integrated ecosystem of certified marketing partners skilled in different specialties like analytics, cross-channel reporting, and more to provide holistic measurement solutions across campaigns and channels.

Our Take: The new ad measurement capabilities seem quite comprehensive and innovative. By categorizing metrics into pillars like signals, reporting, experimentation, and verification, LinkedIn is enabling advertisers to capture a mix of on-site and off-site data, analyze performance, continually test and optimize campaigns, and ensure ads show in relevant environments. 

We are particularly intrigued by the audience and content insights LinkedIn says it will provide to inform campaign strategy, as well as the testing features to determine what messaging and creative performs best. The platform’s partners, used to verify appropriate ad placement, also seem like major assets. 

Overall, the platform appears to be leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in powerful ways to make measurement strategic and actionable across the customer journey. For B2B brands struggling to attribute value at each funnel stage or navigate the changing privacy landscape, these updates could provide much-needed clarity and direction. 

LinkedIn expert Judi Fox is optimistic that the personalized and proactive approach will give marketers more confidence to invest in the platform’s ads and achieve strong returns through optimization. If the platform can truly deliver on these promises, it could be a game-changer for enabling impactful B2B campaigns at scale.

Sponsored Articles for LinkedIn Company Pages

Sponsored articles are now available for LinkedIn Company Pages. Companies can sponsor existing articles published directly on their LinkedIn page with new objectives for awareness, engagement, and lead generation. Only company-authored articles can be sponsored for now, but the platform’s product team is building more functionalities around sponsored articles for this year.

Our Take: LinkedIn’s move to enable the sponsoring of company-authored articles is quite strategic. Articles enable brands to share far more in-depth information, resources, and calls to action than a standard post. Sponsored articles could become extremely valuable lead-generation tools. 

Repurposing evergreen content from executives and employees to resurface as fresh, sponsored articles also seems like a savvy move. Continually spotlighting existing but relevant insights in this more prominent, optimized way keeps content circulating for greater visibility over time. Judi expects that opening up article sponsorship to personal profiles could increase its adoption and impact. However, focusing first on official company pages maintains quality control. 

Overall, empowering brands to amplify their best educational articles via sponsorship appears like a win-win—buyers gain more helpful business intel, and sellers gain more warm leads. Judi anticipates companies sponsoring articles in their niche areas of expertise to effectively attract and nurture potential customers. As LinkedIn builds out this capability, it would be smart to add options for lead capture forms or newsletter signups within articles to maximize conversion opportunities.

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#2: LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn Daily

LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen shared updates on new learning products that the platform is launching to help people develop professional skills and advance their careers. 

The key launches include bite-sized daily learning content in the LinkedIn Learning app to make learning fit people’s schedules and recommended courses and certificates to help people gain skills needed for desired jobs. 

Tomer emphasizes that with AI and other technological changes reshaping jobs, continuous learning is essential, and the platform aims to provide innovative tools to empower its users.

Our Take: Judi is intrigued by the platform’s new daily learning feature that enables short, interactive videos. Mimicking the scrolling, full-screen experience people love on Instagram and TikTok seems strategically aligned with shifting media consumption habits. Gamifying Daily through knowledge checks and watch streaks also taps into what makes learning platforms sticky, and professionals could be drawn in by the quick, rewarding, bite-sized content while building job-related skills.

Expanding Daily beyond LinkedIn’s Learning app to the main platform and company pages could make an even bigger impact. Enabling brands to quickly answer frequently asked questions or share expertise in this format may significantly boost engagement. 

The biggest barrier I see is the platform’s more serious, professional reputation. Some longtime users bristle at too much multimedia entertainment. But fun, snackable learning could attract new audiences. As long as the videos meaningfully educate, Daily has the potential to increase time spent on-site and deepen relationships between brands, experts, and prospective customers. Judi hopes the platform gathers robust analytics to optimize this feature.

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#3: LinkedIn Features Seen in the Wild

Featured Section for LinkedIn Company Pages

Judi is excited to see LinkedIn testing a featured section for Company Pages. This customizable area spotlights a brand’s preferred content rather than relying solely on algorithmic ranking. Enabling businesses to handpick posts showcasing initiatives, campaigns, or employees should increase relevance for visitors. It also provides a degree of control over what elements make the strongest first impression. 

While focusing initially on amplifying published Company Page content makes sense, we could see tremendous value in expanding the featured section. Brands might highlight their website, profile leaders, job openings, or event listings. This flexibility to curate a Company Page more like an owned website versus a static profile would help brands inform and engage prospective talent or customers. 

The featured section rolls out the welcome mat to guide visitors to what matters most. Judi hopes the platform gathers input on how brands would ideally utilize this space and realizes the more customizable this section is, the better it will help convey authentic brand identities.

Updated Featured Section Elements for LinkedIn Premium Profiles

Judi loves LinkedIn’s addition of a featured “Spotlight” section for Premium profiles. Hand-selecting key elements like top skills, recommendations, or current roles cuts through profile noise to showcase what matters most. This helps combat the reality that visitors rarely scroll through verbose profiles. 

Spotlighting a recent glowing testimonial or newly-earned credentials can make strong first impressions, and she hopes the platform eventually makes this accessible to all LinkedIn users, even if the non-premium version is limited to listing 1–2 featured items.

LinkedIn Profile Views for Premium Profiles

The addition of Premium members seeing profile visitors driven by specific posts is very valuable. This closed-loop analytics set helps content creators assess if their messaging truly engages their target audiences. It may reveal shared interests to pursue collaborations or that increased visibility isn’t converting desired prospects. 

The advice to subtly reciprocate interest shown without aggressiveness is wise. Simply returning profile views or likes initially, then circling back later often progresses relationships more naturally versus overly-eager overtures. Showcasing you received value from someone’s perspective without explicitly stating you noticed their engagement allows them to feel impactful while saving face. Highlighting common ground through genuine support enables organic connections to strengthen over time if meant to be. 

In general, arming creators with metrics linking content to awareness fuels smarter outreach and partnership decisions. I also enjoy the metaphor of courtship patterns applying to cultivating professional relationships. The most fruitful connections emerge from mutual understanding, not hard sells.

LinkedIn Search Filters

LinkedIn enhancing search filters seems extremely valuable, especially for brands. Being able to isolate content by attributes like industry, company size, and format spotlights precise benchmarking opportunities. For example, reviewing how competitors structure document posts or promote via video provides market research to emulate or improve your own content. 

Equally important is the ability to find your own historical content efficiently. Resurfacing evergreen insights with a fresh perspective for new audiences is smart. And simpler searches aid in repurposing previous successes into new formats like short videos if they emerge. In an era where churning out new content weekly isn’t sustainable or necessary, optimized search makes replicating what continues to resonate easier.

Overall, these updates acknowledge the vast content wealth on LinkedIn while enabling better utilization. Helping members organize and rediscover the abundance of assets already available drives more impact from proven material.

LinkedIn Contact Details

LinkedIn removed the ability to link to your X/Twitter profile in our Profile or Page contact section.

Judi Fox is a LinkedIn strategist and her course is called the LinkedIn Business Accelerator Program.

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