A new brand campaign from Snapchat rejects social media and instead highlights the app as “a place for real relationships […] fun and joy”.

“Less social media. More Snapchat”, which was made in-house, features a 117-second long-form TV ad, out of home, print and digital placements.

The TV ad starts as a split screen showing selfies and social media clips on the right and comments criticising them, such as “More trolls less compassion”, on the left.

Clips and commentary build pace, always with a “more/less” comparison, cycling through issues with body image, pursuing likes, and inciting violence, up to the one-minute mark.

At this point, text switches to the opposite side of the frame and flips the comments from before into positive statements, such as “Less trolls more allies”.

The music becomes upbeat, and colourful clips from Snapchat, featuring many of its filters, fill the screen.

The intention of the campaign is to show Snapchat as “an alternative to social media” by highlighting its primary use case, which the brand says is “messaging with friends, not scrolling through a public feed”.

Snap’s chief creative officer Colleen DeCourcy, who led on the campaign, said: “Snapchat was built differently from the very beginning as a place where people can be their real selves with their real friends. With this campaign, we want to show the world exactly what Snapchat is not, and what it really is.

“We are shining a light on the unfiltered, bright yellow world of Snapchat, where people can easily share what matters to them in the moment, with the people that matter to them most.”

The film, directed and edited by Tommy Harden through Arts Academy, premiered in an ad break during last night’s Grammy Awards.

It is only running in the US at present alongside OOH placements in key cities, including New York and LA, a full page ad in The New York Times’ Sunday edition and digital takeovers on its site.

In the UK, the campaign will feature in digital ads and taxi wraps.

Media buying for the campaign was handled by Undercover Arts.