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Our research focuses on the five core coverage areas below. We apply our rigorous research methodology to our reports, charts, forecasts, and more to keep our clients at the forefront of key developments and trends before they hit the mainstream.


Insider Intelligence delivers leading-edge research to clients in a variety of forms, including full-length reports and data visualizations to equip you with actionable takeaways for better business decisions.


Proprietary data and over 3,000 third-party sources about the most important topics.

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Industry KPIs

Industry benchmarks for the most important KPIs in digital marketing, advertising, retail and ecommerce.

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About Insider Intelligence

Our goal at Insider Intelligence is to unlock digital opportunities for our clients with the world’s most trusted forecasts, analysis, and benchmarks. Spanning five core coverage areas and dozens of industries, our research on digital transformation is exhaustive.


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On today’s podcast episode, our contestants compete in The Great Behind the Numbers Take Off, 2024 social trends edition, where they will try and cook up the most interesting predictions for the coming year. They’ll discuss search becoming the next battleground for social commerce and why LinkedIn is about to get its day in the sun. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jasmine Enberg and Minda Smiley.

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