Are you up to date on changes from TikTok? Wondering which recent TikTok updates are important to marketers and business owners?

In this article, we explore TikTok changes that affect your marketing.

TikTok Updates: Content Trends, Creator Tools, and More by Social Media Examiner
This article was co-created by Keenya Kelly, Jerry Potter, and Lisa D. Jenkins. For more about Keenya, scroll to the end of this article.

#1: TikTok 2024 Trend Report

TikTok identified three major “Trend Signals” that brands can leverage in their content strategy: Curiosity Peaked (people come to TikTok to discover new interests), Storytelling Unhinged (creative, collaborative storytelling is embracing fantasy/imagination), and Bridging the Trust Gap (brands need transparency and values to build trust). Examples of brands like Clinique and IGG successfully using TikTok for product launches and driving engagement are provided.

Our Take: Many consumers, especially younger generations, want brands to align with their values and build lasting connections beyond one-time sales. Platforms like TikTok enable raw, uncensored conversations about products and companies, providing genuine consumer insights—both positive and negative feedback. 

In Keenya Kelly’s opinion, brands that take the time to listen to consumers and understand their perspectives can build trust and loyalty. However, this requires being open to criticism and feedback, too. Rather than reacting defensively, smart companies will see viral complaints as an opportunity to improve. 

Authenticity is key—consumers want to engage with real people behind brands, not faceless corporations. Companies with genuine conversations and demonstrate shared values will earn customer trust and advocacy. This may mean rethinking old marketing playbooks, like prioritizing lifelong customer relationships over individual sales transactions. 

The outspokenness of platforms like TikTok underscores the importance of listening in this new marketing landscape. Savvy brands will embrace this shift towards transparency to better align with their customers and drive growth.

#2: TikTok App for Larger Devices

TikTok has upgraded its app experience for larger devices like tablets and foldable gadgets to offer users a seamless viewing experience regardless of their chosen device. The upgrade provides a clear video feed, streamlined navigation bars, and orientation support. Key features include enhanced video clarity, easy-to-access top and bottom navigation bars, and the ability to use the app in landscape and portrait mode.

Our Take: This expansion reflects the platform’s continuous evolution as it becomes ubiquitous across our technology. Ultimately, TikTok aims to provide an optimized experience regardless of screen size. 

In Keenya’s view, the platform’s responsiveness to advancing tech keeps the app relevant, especially among younger TikTok users who are more likely to embrace innovations like foldable phones. Smoothing out cross-device functionality nurtures its addictive, all-consuming ethos. 

As our lives integrate ever more closely with technology, TikTok thrives by matching its flexibility. TikTok’s technological fluidity presents major opportunities for marketers to reach wider audiences. The more seamlessly the platform meshes with our tech habits—whether binging on a tablet or glancing at our smartwatch—the more eyeballs it claims. Savvy brands will evolve branding strategies accordingly, tailoring video content and positioning to capitalize on TikTok’s broadening accessibility. 

Ultimately, TikTok aims to make itself indispensable, occupying every screen of real estate in our lives. This poses game-changing implications for companies marketing products or services there. The platform’s ascendance across devices compels brands to think holistically about integrating TikTok across various customer touchpoints. Its technological ambition demands an equally adaptive marketing approach.

Creator Center

The platform is testing a version of Creator Center for desktop.

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Our Take: This launch aligns the platform with the modern, multi-device reality of content creation and management. No longer confined to mobile, creators can now access key metrics, insights, and tools from their laptop or desktop computer. Migrating functionality to the desktop streamlines workflows and efficiency for TikTok creators and marketers. 

The new Creator Center empowers users through expanded creative control and visibility. Desktop analytics, in particular, enable a more agile, responsive strategy, as campaigns can be monitored and optimized via an entire dashboard interface.

TikTok’s desktop expansion also hints at a user-centric ethos that addresses creator needs. Continued improvements shaped directly by creator feedback build goodwill and inspire brand devotion. This empowers the TikTok community fueling the platform’s meteoric rise. 

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Ultimately, the launch reflects a platform growing up in real time. As its influence grows globally across generations, TikTok must stretch to accommodate a widening spectrum of use cases and creative applications. Bolstering the desktop experience brings professional-grade power and versatility to the famously freewheeling app.

Effect House AR

TikTok’s “Openhouse” event on December 12th showcased the latest developments with its Effect House AR creation platform. It provides insight into TikTok’s evolving AR tools, enabling anyone to build interactive digital experiences within the TikTok app. The event targeted TikTok effect enthusiasts, brand marketers, AR designers, or anyone interested in learning about Effect House and its use to develop innovative augmented reality experiences on TikTok that resonate with audiences.

Our Take: Previously restricted to approved partners, the move promises to unleash creativity and further personalize the TikTok experience. Democratizing effects represents a strategic masterstroke in audience building. Empowering users to fine-tune interactions boosts engagement and cements loyalty. It also fosters an inclusive ecosystem where anyone can contribute to the platform’s direction. 

However, expanded effects capabilities pose moderation challenges. Some users may push boundaries too far, like incorporating offensive political messaging. TikTok must balance creative freedom with responsible governance. Ultimately, though, the benefits outweigh the potential downsides. Democratization drives innovation while binding users more tightly to TikTok. It also provides new partnership opportunities, as brands can collaborate directly with creators on novel effects. 

By placing more control and ownership in the hands of its community, TikTok makes a bold, calculated wager. Trusting users as co-pilots charting its course could rocket the platform to even greater heights. But uncontrolled turbulence remains an ever-present risk.

#4: TikTok Artist Accounts

TikTok has introduced a new Artist Account with tools and features to boost music discoverability and deepen engagement between artists and fans on the platform. 

Available to any artist or musician who has released songs, the Artist Account provides a suite of resources, including an Artist tag to identify official artist accounts, a New Release tag to highlight the latest music, a Music tab to curate an artist’s catalog, a By Artist pinned post to showcase preferred videos, and Behind the Song for artists to share inspirations.

Our Take: TikTok has rolled out new features to accommodate musicians better, signaling the platform’s aspirations as a music discovery engine. Artists can now clearly identify their profiles and more seamlessly share new releases. This aims to boost TikTok’s already impressive track record of catapulting emerging talent into virality. 

Cultivating music partnerships strengthens bonds between TikTok and creative communities. It also makes the app more dynamic and sticky for users getting lost in endless scrolls. However, as music integrations expand, TikTok must manage complex licensing while balancing artist, label, and audience interests.

Interestingly, new music initiatives also present marketing opportunities. Savvy brands may sponsor rising musicians before they hit mainstream consciousness. Authentic collaborations between artists and brands can enable breakthrough moments for both parties.

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